The Poisoned Chalice — 14 Comments

    • Nor do I now. I used to buy the occasional one but the odds now are beyond stupid. I have a better chance of being abducted by an Alien.

  1. The key thing rich folk have that poor folk don’t is choices. On balance, I’d rather have choices.
    Not that I’ll ever be so rich, obviously.

    • True. But the only choices that would be affected would be in buying a car or booking a holiday. Neither of those bother me now. The rest is unimportant.

  2. Grandad,
    Sent me back years to a time when my dad would fill in the old football pools every week.
    He was so doing one day when a friend of his called round, saw what he was doing and asked,
    “If you ever win, what will you do about all the begging letters?”
    Dad thought a moment and replied, “I’ll probably just keep sending them.”

  3. You could have your book published. You could buy your cafe. Fix your entrance. (to your yard.) You could commission extraordinary pipes. Fix that thing on your roof. Have mysterious blonde, all in black, stand in background at your funeral and toss some soil in at end. Become a whiskey/whisky connoisseur – posh piss head. Employ a Teashop double to go about doing shocking things. Buy bits of beautiful coast just to keep the improvers and caravans at bay.
    Just be generally mischievous.
    If only.

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