Time to move house? — 20 Comments

  1. “What matters it how far we go?” his scaly friend replied.
    “There is another shore, you know, upon the other side.
    The further off from England the nearer is to France—

  2. It would mean the rough seas of the Bay of Biscay would be deflected by Kerry and Cork – an excellent idea.

  3. If you change the orientation by 90 degrees and lay the east coast of Ireland onto the north coast of Spain, it would give that coast a much more interesting coastline and you could then also have direct connection to both France and Spain, with better weather too. What’s not to like? Well, being attached to France and Spain for starters . . . . .

    • It would cause too much confusion. People wouldn’t be able to navigate. It would mean going to North Cork for my holidays and travelling south to Dublin. SatNavs would have a fit.

  4. Unbalanced we pivot down firmly attach from Calais to your north shore.Great stuff Brexit destroyed.Continental travel restored.

    • The only drawback is that where we join up, we’d have to have corkscrew roads because the French drive on the wrong side of the road?

  5. Dear Grandad

    It won’t bring the manifest benefits of weather and convenience of moving Ireland, but the easiest solution to the problem of the EU’s making is for Ireland to leave the EU.

    Job done.

    Please send all Noble pease prizes to …


  6. Calvados is nice.
    Very nice.
    No other reason needed.
    And real French people love whisky, whiskey, whatever. I know.
    Sounds ideal.
    But you know the pollies will fuck it up.

    • Coincidentally I was reading somewhere recently about Doggerland. I haven’t a clue why or in what context but these theories are fascinating. It must have been very confusing to the old Picts and Scots, not to mention a bit dizzying with all that spinning?

  7. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

    Well, apart from your new neighbours. Would you really want to live next door to the French? 😉

    • It’s only the people of the current border counties who would have to deal with them. They’re used to weird neighbours. The rest of us would have the Irish Sea as a barrier.

  8. You always come up with the greatest ideas. Where would you stick the mast and sail? It would have to be a big one or were you planning on using a humongous outboard?

    • Tow it. There are loads of container ships lying idle at the moment and I’m sure they would enjoy the exercise?

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