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  1. Detrouserment.
    I have seen this done. Velcro. Hen nights.
    A smart yank, or a quick jerk, at the right place, and lo, you are detrousered.
    Do you by any chance do special evenings down the Village “Coffee” shop?
    My mind has been boggled.

    • You just have a dirty mind. Removal of one’s clothing at bedtime need not be construed as stripping?

  2. Perhaps if the Women’s Institute or similar decide to put on a performance of Full Monty, you could audition?

  3. My bugbear with young female voices is the Australian tendency to rise in tone at the end of a sentence, as if asking a question. I would blame Kylie Minogue, but in my view she can get away with almost anything with that arse.

    • God how I hate that habit. I don’t know if they think it’s clever? Fashionable? Sexy? It is just plain irritating.

      I never saw the attraction in Kylie’s arse to be honest. It’s just an arse.

  4. My lovely bride of thirty plus years was a smoker when we first met. I had no complaints as I was and still am a pipe smoker. No “ashtray” complaints here.

  5. On your bits of Roundup:

    1st bit: I would include the term(s) “rage/raged/raging” in those type of headlines as well. Or maybe that’s only a favourite of the US media?

    2nd bit: I attempted to put on my trousers this morning as well. All I can say is I’m glad the bed was right there behind me as my foot caught at the bottom of the left leg cuff. It was touch and go there for several seconds as to which way I would fall but thankfully it was backwards. It was very…whatever.

    3rd bit: I sympathize. I’m still going to sea on submarines during the night more often than not. The strange thing is I’m still my current age, still have a pony tail and an unkempt beard, my “working blues” are need laundering (so do I for that matter), I don’t have my pills and my wife wasn’t informed (boy is she going to be pissed). Considering the government is already compensating me for damages occurred I guess I’ll just have to put up with it.

    As far as the last bit, I’m unqualified to offer my opinion on the matter. I’m mostly deaf and have to wear hearing aids so everything sounds unusual to me. Good thing I can take the things out at night that’s all I can say.

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