Vile bile pile — 9 Comments

  1. My cat seems to avoid wooden and tiled floors! He picks the carpet or any rug. Much harder to clean. He makes a funny noise when he is going to be sick so I put him in the bathroom where he avoided the tiles and used the bath mat! I can’t win.

    • What got me about Penny’s little “incident” is that it was right beside me and I didn’t hear a thing. Maybe she knew that I would throw her out if I heard?

  2. Our version of “Penny” (Charlie the wonder mutt) does this on occasion. When we retired and moved closer to the kids and grandkids, we moved into a house with the phony wood flooring (Pergo?). We laid out a few throw rugs here and there for chilly winter mornings. When Charlie uses one of the rugs for a target, hang it on the fence, hose it down and let it air dry.

    • Sadly my rug is more of a carpet. It’s about eight by eight and has several bits of heavy furniture on it. It’s a hands-and-knees job.

      • Been in that boat a number of times. Back in our “renting days” I always just took it for granted that our security deposit was not an actual deposit but more of a cleaning fee to be applied when we moved.

        I can’t fault the owner for this because I’m not sure it is possible to live in a place for even a few months without doing some damage no matter how careful you are.

  3. I’ve had one of the dogs ‘eating grass’ and of course throwing up this week. seems fine now. Probably ate something a bird dropped in the garden. Dogs can be so greedy.

      • Penny is very picky. She won’t touch onions or carrots. Maybe she’s an anti-vegetarian?

        • Charlie is always under foot in the kitchen waiting for anything to drop. Like Penny, he won’t have anything to do with onions but so far everything else has been fair game once it hits the floor.

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