Happiness and windows — 8 Comments

  1. You had me worried. Happiness and Windows are not often seen in the same sentence, phrase or wordage. Thought perhaps your little grey stuff ha d been addled by the Warble Gloaming.

  2. The call you described in your previous entry in which the caller phoned you a second time minutes later, was almost verbatim like one I had a few months ago in Toronto. Right down to the hurt feelings. It’s definitely a scam.

    • Welcome Susan! I’m glad to hear that. I did have a sneaky feeling after that maybe the call might have been genuine. You have put my mind at rest,

  3. I have to admit that I initially misread the heading, thinking it said “Happiness and widows” and thought I would get some handy advice. Still, good news about the departure of the film crews, less those that are installing double glazing all around you.

    • Heh! If that had been the case it would have to have been written by Herself? The glazing is all but finished bar a little tidying on Monday [or so I have been told].

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