Turning up the heat — 6 Comments

  1. Here in my little piece of north central Oregon we are looking at a high of 80 (F, of course). I will leave the conversion to you. As far as heating goes we have a pellet stove so that makes things a tad simpler as we have two choices, on or off.

  2. Doesn’t your heating have a thermostat? At the very least it can simply be turned down to a level which means the heating won’t come on in hot weather. Or does the boiler also heat your domestic hot water, and there is no proper isolation between the two functions? In that case it’s normal to have a motorised “Zone Valve” to direct the boiler output to which ever circuit is needed, The “3 Port Mid Position” versions can fail such that all 3 ports are open, and then you’ll get heating until the storage tank is up to temperature.

  3. Has there been a run on portable air conditioning units in the electrical stores? Together with the air conditioning units in commercial premises, perhaps they are putting a strain on the supply?

    • I suspect that Murphy down the road just bought a Tesla and plugged it in, thus exposing how utterly unprepared all national power-grids are for the shit-storm of demand that’s to come. Get used to it, the lights will be going out all over everywhere soon.

  4. Those horrible brief power cuts are a real nuisance. All the clocks messed up, the computer seems OK but crashes later, the broadband needs resetting, the sky box malfunctions, the cctv that I look after for our village hall gets screwed and occassionaly our mains trip switch clunks off – great if we are away. Mind you yesterday our water company showed their planning credentials by chosing the hottest day of the year to work on the supply main, thankfully the supply didn’t go off from 11am to 5pm as threatened although no doubt all the taps will suffer from sand in the seals for the next week.

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