Celebrating Christmas — 7 Comments

  1. I used to make airfix planes but they would get damaged when I whizzed them round and round on string.

    • They’re notoriously fragile all right. A simple dusting was usually enough to break them. The balsa and tissue planes were much better: at least they actually flew!

  2. I attempted to try my hand at model kits when I was a kid (ships, planes, etc) and all I managed to achieve was sticking my fingers together. And my painting left much to be desired–it stunk in other words. Still does.

    How about one of those quad-copters? I don’t how old Grandson is but the earlier to learn the better? You’ll have to keep it at the manor though. That way you’ll get the blame when the Neighbors complain about being spied on and not him?

    • A drone is a good idea. I had toyed with the idea of one for myself [for research purposes, of course] but things are strict here. You can only fly them over your own land and only up to a certain height. There was a drone in the air a while back and neighbours went frantic. Turns out it belonged to an estate agent who was filming a property for sale.

  3. Harmonica, mouth organ, or in Scotch, a moothie.
    When I was a callow youth I yearned for one.
    But things will be different now.

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