Thank you one and all — 2 Comments

  1. So glad you posted this. You’re a fighter, which I had already inferred from your writings. This is a good thing. Your daughter is a fighter, too. I believe she showed remarkable grace to be able to stand up and speak at her son’s wake. I know I wouldn’t have been able to be composed in such a situation. I can’t even imagine what all of y’all are enduring right now, with the pain and the grief and the loss.

    I’m also glad you mentioned my use of “irascible” to describe you. I’ve been thinking of it, and I think I misused the word in your case. You’re not “easily” angered. You have a normal man’s normal reaction to bullshit situations and people. That’s not irascible. It’s sensible. Wish I hadn’t used that word. See what happens when an uneducated man starts trying to toss around polysyllabic words? You have every right to be weary of this world.

    And for the record, brother, I get annoyed fairly easily. I can go from zero to sixty a lot faster than I did in my younger years. I think I’m like my mother…the older she got, the less she gave a shit about who she pissed off when they wronged her. I guess my writing style is just a bit calmer than my interior life.

    • Hah! I’m fine with “irascible”. It’s a hell of a lot better than some of the things Herself calls me.

      Actually I’m not angry with the modern world. I’m more bemused than anything. How can you take things seriously when the entire planet is scared of imminent warming and a simultaneous ice-age? I can only laugh at a society which bans clapping [because it might scare someone] or bans gender specific pronouns because some people don’t know what they are? The list of absurdities is endless. I feel very sorry for the Grandkids though as they’ll have to live in the crazy world we are creating.

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