World No Tobacco Day — 12 Comments

  1. And unfortunately, I missed the deadline for submitting anything and everything about this:

    Complete madness, a grab-bag of failed grasping at 'endgame' policy proposals.

    I was busy in emails with my lawyer about a trust document.
    I thought I had until midnight (2 hrs ago now) but it was 5pm.

    Maybe all that is left is to write to politicians, hammer the alternative facts home.

    But I feel guilty about not having made my point of view known in time!

    Maybe it might have made a difference?


  2. It would a fine thing indeed if "World No Tobacco Day" fell on the same day as "World Pipe Smoking Day".

    • As far as I was concerned, it was.  Though really every day is World Pipe Smoking Day here.

      • Well I never thought about it on a small scale before, but you are absolutely correct. Not a day passes when I don't have a pipe hanging out of my mug.


  3. The utter madness in the "Smoke free Aoteoroa  "proposal is that while the Government wants to completely eliminate tobacco from New Zealand there is a proposal to legalise Cannabis which of course is smoked. 

    • But Cannabis isn't produced by Big Tobacco.  Big Tobacco: BAD.  Everything else: GOOD.

  4. 90% of smokers pick up the habit before they're 25? I'm shocked. I would have thought the number would be closer, much closer, to 100%. If you haven't started smoking by the time you're 25, you must have seen many of your contemporaries and older trying and failing to give up. Why would you start?

    By the time I was 25 I’d proved several times how easy it was to give up smoking. And how much easier it was to start again

    • I agree.  I would imagine that very few started after 20.  Even apart from all the rhetoric [which didn't amount to much in my day apart from my mother – she was a rabid anti-smoker!] most kids start to experiment in their mid teens.  That's the time for experimentation in all sorts of forbidden fruits.

  5. Yeah, it might as well be called New Zealotstan.

    Apart from the Maorification of everyday language in the media, a sort of reverse apartheid taking hold, the socialist Labour have taken control, even without the Greens, normally on their side, and so we're f'ckd.

    Let alone the crazed Climate nonsense.

    Tobacco prices approx the highest in the world, and the zealots want to make it worse.

    One could think to leave, but where could one go to?

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