And then two come at once — 2 Comments

  1. My first powered transport was a Suzuki 125cc motorbike. It was far too powerful for me that had only before ridden an old moped that had a top speed of 15 mph. Anyhoo my first ride out with my chums on thier powerfull Honda 175cc twinn cylinders went fine, until comimg home from the pub trying to keep up I lost in on the first bend. My anorak sleeves were ripped off and my jeans were shredded. I enetered the pub that was our local to the derision of my so called friends !

    • If I remember correctly, my Mobylette had a top speed of around thirty, assuming downhill with a following wind.  The Yamaha I had after went considerably faster up to around fifty. In retrospect I probably would have killed myself on anything bigger.  I certainly damaged myself enough on my two bikes!

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