Building castles in the air — 4 Comments

  1. Well Grandad, just because they haven't asked you yet that doesn't prevent you from giving them an ear full. wink

  2. Somebody, somewhere is getting oodles of EU yuoros for building  environmentally friendly, affordable housing for poor immigrants.

    That's a good rumour to start.

    Or, your wee village is going to be the next European City of culture.

    Or Sleepy Joe, with his Irish roots dating back to before his election, is having a retirement home built by his avid supporters and backers. Only he does not know it yet. "Yes, Joe, and this device that looks like a Whoopee Cushion is the cunningly disguised Anti Ruskie Nookular Almageddn Arctirvaton Button. So you be very careful not to sit on it."

  3. It's an awful building because, as we all know, Disney is a Micky Mouse outfit…



    OK, I'll get my coat.

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