Oscars and Doorstops — 6 Comments

  1. We have no trophies in our humble abode. If we need to keep a door open and it won't cooperate, I take it off the hinges and it goes to the garage.




  2. I once had dinner with a friend in Co Galway who had invited Joe Pilkington along. Pilkington had a house out in Connemara which he said he wasn't very good at cleaning. He told us how Brenda Fricker had called with him and had been concerned at the state of the place. He said he was the only person in the world who had an Oscar winner clean his microwave.

    Compared with having Joe Pilkington as a friend, I would imagine other Oscar winners have fairly dull existences.

    • I never met Joe but I was great friends with Joe's brother Peter.  We met when we worked in Cheddar in the summer of '68.

      That's him after the devastating floods that summer

  3. I stopped looking into the Oscars when I couldn't recognize any of the so-called "stars". Okay, to be truthful about it, I never actually watched the Oscars at all.

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