Sentenced to the Electric Chair — 8 Comments

  1. Don't trust that chair again. It will be upset that you rejected it, and the next time you use it it will fold, back against seat swallowing you and muffling your screams.

    Years later somebody will be searching inside for small change and will only find your dried out , shattered bones and whatever you had in your pockets.

  2. As a longtime Mac user (11yr old system which still performs more than adequately), I have eschewed Microsoft Office for ages: I don't like their avarice, their clunky software which makes ever-increasing demands on my system, and their software's many vulnerabilities to the attentions of The Ungodly. I've used Libre Office and/or Open Office for ages and found them perfectly functional with no problems. Getting used to them is quicker than you'd think.

    • The only reason for using Word was to force me off Linux.  That sounds weird [for me] but my Windows set up deliberately didn't have Interweb access.  The latter is a fierce distraction, so being isolated helped me focus my mind.  I'm now using LibraOffice and the Interweb is a fierce distraction!

  3. I find I can do almost everything I ever need to write using Wordpad – which was free with Windoze something years ago but is downloadable and still works on my Windows 7 PC. Open Office for anything fancy.

    Wednesday is our day of excitement. Mrs W42 has a regular zoom meeting with the local gossip club  coven Ladies Badminton Club, the weekly grocery delivery arrives and I get to take the bins down the driveway in the evening for early Thursday emptying. It's all go on Wednesdays!

    • Damn!  I forgot to put the bins out last night.  I'll just have to dump my rubbish in a ditch somewhere….

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