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  1. Climate Change is real, it's also constant, it sometimes peaks, like with Ice Ages, all immediately followed by 'global warming', despite there being not a single internal combustion engine nor coal-fired power station on the planet at the time.  The influence of mankind on climate is the only issue up for debate.  Five hundred years ago, 99% of all 'scientists' believed the world was flat, the 1% not being in the pocket of the church: nowadays it is claimed that 99% of all 'scientists' believe mankind is responsible for climate change, the 1% not being in the pocket of the system.  Nothing changes – apart from climate.

    As for those seeking and attaining power, the Covid pandemic exposes their utter incompetence, along with their risible self-belief that they can do anything at all to counter the forces of nature.   The wish to seek political power should disqualify anyone from ever getting any.

    • I see today that our TeaShop MeHole Martin is hoping the vaccination rollout will improve his ratings.  Ratings are far more important than actual leadership?

  2. Evidence from around the globe suggests that Lockdowns have little effect on suppressing viral spread, just like face masks (the relative sizes of the mask fabric mesh vs. viruses is like expecting a wire fence to stop a fly).  But they serve a greater purpose: re-education and control of the masses.  Now people are so demoralised they are ready to accept vaccine 'passports' – how generous of our Dear Leader – without question.  1930s Germany went this way, with bad results.

    The new mRNA cell-insertion method has been tried before for SARS etc. – all the animals on the trials died.  Perhaps this time it's benign.  So we are presently engaged in a worldwide experiment with a new technique which could have long-term issues – no-one yet knows.  The blood clots are worrying, but there is a much worse effect possible: a re-infection with the same virus could cause an over-reaction by the immune system (a cytokine storm), with a much greater lethality.

  3. Margaret Thatcher's press secretary Bernard Ingham once commented, "Many journalists have fallen for the conspiracy theory of government. I do assure you that they would produce more accurate work if they adhered to the cock-up theory."

  4. Dear Grandad

    A nother plot:

    Last year's peak overlaid with this year's for excess mortality compared with the average of the previous 5 years, and all-cause mortality.

    Masks don't seem to have had any effect, nor vaccinations.

    So it must all be down to the lockups. And washing hands. And staying 6 feet apart.

    I don't suppose the fact that this year's graphs for excess and all-cause deaths look sooo similar to 2015 and 2018 counts for much (previous 2 graphs), when we have a virus to defeat.

    I doubt that ending the lockups would cause a resurgence; it is a seasonal disease, like 'flu, and we are coming out of the season. 'Cases' peaked on 10 January for the UK according to Worldometer data and declined steeply, well before vaccines could have any significant effect. Deaths 'with covid' peaked about 2 weeks later and declined steeply.

    In the next few weeks the April 2020 peak will work its way through the 5 year average with which 2021 will be compared. Cue cheers for the vaccines. I am sure the Beeb will be suitably breathless in its praise.


  5. Same here in the UK. Baby steps with a lot of arse covering and a scientific committee primed and ready to be chucked under the famous bus should the poo hit the fan re any third wave.  There will be a third wave as soon as fresh hosts are released but the hope is that having most adults vaccinated will suppress it. Until the next mutation of course. Then it's a race for a new vaccine during which time it mutates again. We have a repetition of the situation with Influenza. Always chasing the next mutation and vaccinating against the last one.  Pretty amazing for a relatively harmless virus with a 0.26 or so mortality rate which has actually killed about 500 people directly and a large number of infirm octogenarians indirectly. Oh look, just like 'flu. Nothing new under the sun regarding this.

  6. My long departed papa had a sign hanging in this woodworking shop that read as follows.

    "Medical science says that whiskey cannot cure the common cold, but then neither can medical science."




    • I repeated that quote to Doc yesterday.  I think he's thinking of sticking it up in his surgery.  Incidentally, he is all for my nightly tipple of whiskey and reckons it can do far more good than harm.

  7. Dear Grandad


    I've lost the plot.

    The 2021 excess deaths line used the wrong data.

    Corrected in a new graph and updated to week 13, both lines now on the same scale.

    We are now at the anniversary of the steep rise in deaths in spring last year, which will feed through into the 5 year average, so 2021 excess deaths are going to look very, very interesting for the next few weeks.


    • It has crossed my mind that excess deaths can't really be used as an indicator over a year or even two.

      Take for example a world where everyone dies at 100.  We assume that the Virus kills anyone over 90.  What happens then is that there is a massive peak at first strike but for the following five years there will be no deaths [as they're already dead].  The average can then only be extrapolated over a period of at least six years. 

      So excess mortality rates would tend to be higher at the start of the Virus but should be lower during the following years?

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