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  1. Did the same a year back; also did not find myself. 

    I did discover, though, that it was highly likely (say, oh…in the 99% range) that I was a person of color.

    Learn something every day…

  2. Dear Grandad

    I once typed my full name into Mr Duck's most excellent engine of searching.

    I was top.


    • Nope.  I tried that.  I'm still a [be]knighted general though it tells me I'm mentioned in Linkedin over 400 times.  Also that I'm dead again.

          • Dear Grandad

            I have to confess that I was doing a UK mainly search. In 2 days I have slipped again; number 4. There is one dead bloke and a live bloke mentioned twice at Companies House.

            Turning off the UK switch, Mr Duck adds four (apparently alive) Americans to put me at number 8 in the world rankings.

            I don't think Mr Duck puts biscuits on my computer, so I assume he doesn't check to see what came up last time.


  3. It seems I'm a  multi-talented American film, television and stage actor of Italian and Irish descent and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago or A&R man ex lead singer of an early 80's band.  Who knew, I thought I was a surplus to requirements programmer waiting for redundancy. 

    • The Interweb is a real mine of information.  Who knew we had all these alternate realities?

  4. A few years ago my real name and address featured on the googly thingy from previous membership of one once notorious (to lefties) political group, that seems to have vanished for the time being.

    Probably feature on ze list somewhere.

  5. I searched my name and got 0 results, so I changed my name and found out I'm a filthy rich internet mogul living in the Seattle Washington area.

  6. Now you got me doing it. Seems I'm a well known doctor and a well known scholar. Doctor of what, scholar of what, I didn't bother finding out. Otherwise I, myself, do not exist. Not even on Facebook where I use my full name (I think I have it set for non-existence anyway?). Not even on the online phone books. Amazing.

    I did stick "Head Rambles" into Google and with one exception the entire first page of results were you. First, of course, was your infamous well known blog–as it should be–and the rest of the results were for your book. The prices range from $15.95 (Walmart–out of stock) and the rest were around $40 (Amazon, Ebay and so-on). I have a copy in our library sitting proudly on a shelf and it's priceless. I even read it.

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