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  1. GD, I'm amazed that you haven't heard about the stolen election in the USA. The corruption goes right to the heart of the deep state and the mainstream media. The USA is on the brink of civil war, and all that the media (including British) can output is that Biden is the new president.

    Its not over until inauguration day, until then there are many court battles going on. The biggest voter fraud in history has been uncovered involving Dominion Voting Systems with a server farm in Frankfurt being raided. Six US military personnel were killed. Trump knew this was coming and planned for it. Links between large corporations, social media, Biden and China have also come to light. Do some searching and check it out yourself, don't just take my word for it. But use an alternative search engine and alternatives to Youtube, because anyone who indicates the slightest support for Trump is immediately banned, same on Twitter and Facebook. By the way, its been discovered that Zuckerberg (Facebook) paid into all this.


  2. No one should be writing Trump off yet, the word surrender doesn't compute with him.

    All along he's been several steps ahead of his enemies, with only a few loyal allies he's fought off the deep state and the $billions they threw at destroying him and his adminstration from the moment he was elected, he's still there and has carried out as many of his promises as he could given the opposition he's faced, he's won increasing respect and the votes of growing minorities because he treated them with respect.

    What he does have is the mutual respect and more than likely the backing of the armed and police forces, they too swore to protect the country from all enemies, he also has the backing of millions of people across the country, working people whom no one else paid any attention to but who's vierw of their lives and the world he tapped into.

    There's several scenarios yet that means he gets the second term he probably easily won, maybe the tweet is a message to all, including those in Congress or the Senate who might be faltering, as always he's pulling the tails of his enemies which is always a bonus to see.

    Whether he gets his second term or the probable election theft stands, one thing is certain we/they haven't heard the last of him, he will make a serious  and seriously rich enemy, if it comes to payback in the form of media hounding of a new administration then he doesn't need the msm, he's rich enough to start his own broadcasting services, of which some 80 million plus Americans (and quite a few non US citizens across the world, including me, i'll use my cancelled BBC tax to pay for it) would be happy to subscribe to, not only a thorn in the side of the new admin but quite possibly seeing the end of huge blocks of the msm machine when millions of subscribers, and advertisers keen to sell to solvent working people, ditch them for Trump's network.

  3. So as far as you're concerned, there was no election fraud whatsoever? What about at least a thousand signed affidavits from people who witnessed fraud? All those hundreds of people are willing to commit perjury, are they?


    What about the contested states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona)? They all stopped vote counting in the middle of the night when Trump was leading by hundreds of thousands of votes. They removed observers and then received large ballot dumps, almost all of which were for Biden.


    What about turnout in various parts of the contested states? Turnout that was as high as 90% (or in some counties, turnout was over 100%).


    And what about the bellwether states and counties? Trump won the two big bellwether states Ohio and Florida. I think only once in the last 120 years has a presidential candidate won both these states and lost the election (which I believe was 1960). And Trump won 82% of bellwether counties across various states. No presidential candidate from the 1956 election onwards won as many as 82% of bellwether counties and lost the election.


    But in spite of all this evidence and more, you think there was no fraud in this election. Fair enough, believe that if you wish. There is certainly far more evidence of fraud in the 2020 election than there ever was of Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 election.

    • "So as far as you're concerned, there was no election fraud whatsoever?"  I suggest you read my scribble again.  I never said that.  I'm not that bothered to be honest.  I'm just a spectator at the boxing match.

  4. I’m going out on a limb and say that communique is fake. Either that or an attempt to wind up the Dems.

  5. Oh dear. Over 60 judges (63 at count) threw out the lawsuits filed about fraud blah blah, due to no evidence blah blah, many of them republican and some of those were Trump appointed (including 3 on the US supreme court) and all of them were wrong?

    (sigh) This is why I never get involved in politics.

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