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  1. I too trust Leggy's discourse: I am naturally somewhat reluctant, at the age of 71, to accept an induced autoimmune disease. It does not bode well for the future.

  2. I too am with Leggy. The estimated completion date for the phase 3 trials is 2023. I'll wait a bit before joining the queue. 

  3. How can they say its safe when its not been in use yet. Its 'safe' for Bill Gates to put his devil vaccine into the population where he can control and terminate people when they get to a certain age. But as I said a few week ago if you dont have proof you got the Gates devil vaccine you wont be able to use any services.

    Chap on Talk Radio UK  made me smile this morning when he said … " I remember when you could smoke in a pub NOW you cant have a drink in a pub".

  4. The last time an mRNA viral vector was tried a few years ago, against SARS I think, it was found that all seemed OK until the guinea pig was exposed to the very virus which the jab was supposed to block.  He died.

    It appears the jab had primed his immune system, not just to fight the virus, but to overwhelm it with overkill – which killed it, but also him.

    I shall heed Leggy's advice and never accept an mRNA 'vaccine'.

  5. Yup, Leggy's post on this subject should be compulsory reading, they can stick that MRNA up their own fundament and disappear up there themselves too.

    Off on a slight tangent, WTF is going on at the doctor's sugary, you can't get to see a doctor but they've been bombarding herself and me with texts to come and get the flu jab, further texts still informing us we haven't answered the summons so be quick about it, now we've had the second of two letters apiece as well wanting us in so some bod can squeeze whatever bleeding alleged anti flu concoction Dr Mengele  dreamed up into our arms.


    • I happened to visit Doc on another matter a few weeks ago and he offered me the Jab.  I took it because he asked nicely.  Herself got hers during another visit a couple of weeks later.  No fuss at all.  At least it wasn't an mRNA job!

  6. The doctors are going to be very busy. The average GP with 2500 patients will get extra pay on top of their £100,000 per annum. If all 2500 get the winter flu jab and the Covid 19 jab as well the GP will earn £86,000. The surgery nurse will no doubt do all the jabbing the GP will oversee the money.

    These figures I found on the interweb and relate to England and Wales

  7. Dear Grandad

    Some time ago a commenter on one of my regular reads linked to the site below. The authors of the site really has it in for the UK and the US, and also I note, for Ireland. As I commented on Mr Legiron's blog a few days ago, we only have 5 years to lose 79% of our (UK) population to achieve the authors' forecast reduction in population (74% for Ireland, 70% for USA). My cursory reading shows these three (Ireland added to my little list just now) to be the main 'winners' in the population reduction sweepstake. We three also seem to be in the leadership for a brand new, never before tested vaccine. Whoopee.

    Short of sticking needles into people's arms on a grand scale with some dodgy serum, I can't think of an easy way to achieve this population reduction without nuking the planet, which, judging by other countries' fortunes, does not seem to be part of the scenario.

    Hover over the figures to get a comparison with 2017 and click on the column icon to sort the table. USA defense (sic) spending down 95%, Russia up 135%.

    It may be a bit of fantasy. Only 5 years to find out. I wonder if the next US president will make a difference.


  8. Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus erythematosus and multiple sclerosis are all autoimmune diseases where the immune system attacks antigens  and destroys cells because biochemically it 'sees' them as foreign to the body and that they must be eliminated. My concern is that cells producing these virus antigens via Covid-19 mRNA will also be attacked. Now this happens during a natural infection. But this isn't a natural infection. My concern is it may end up as a chronic autoimmune disease. But in how many people? I will insist on having the Oxford-AZ vaccine which does not work via mRNA.  As soon as I read how the Pfizer-BioNscience vaccine worked I was concerned about potential autoimmune disease.

    • As soon as I read how the Pfizer-BioNscience vaccine worked I was concerned about potential autoimmune disease.


      That was entirely my reaction: as a sufferer from both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, my immune system is not 100%. If the PTB think I have any intention of compromising it further, then they are utterly mistaken.

  9. No-one has ever seen, isolated or otherwise proved the existence of a virus as in some tiny something that can infect and multiply in a host else whilst killing its host but magically leave said host before the host dies and lig about on a wide variety of surfaces waiting for another host to come along and pick it up without coming to any harm and apparently being unaffected by germs bugs and assorted nasties.


    • One of my biggest concerns is the immunity from prosecution granted to Pfizer.  Why?  They must be expecting major problems?

  10. You are going to have to wait a long time Grandad.  I'm here in the UK, and in a fairly 'vulnerable' group, but there's no way I'm allowing the Pfizer vaccine inside my body for at least 10 years by which time I'll be 85 and probably past caring.  I am more inclined to trust the Oxford vaccine, but even there I will give it a year or two before deciding.

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