The patient patient — 6 Comments

  1. So good in these … let's say "strange" times to find that kind of little gems that can make one laugh out loud. Thanks!

  2. Good to see they haven't taken your spirit despite trying hard to do so. The feckers have also tried to take everything else!

  3. Oh how fun. Did that guy not tell you anything useful – like about life after death? Or perhaps he was just tired of waiting – or plastic…..

    • He hadn't much to say for himself at all.  He did mutter something about me jumping the queue but that was all.

  4. Did you tell the scared shitless being in a mask you had shaken the thin man's hand and kissed him on each cheek after he said he was French?

    I take it herself passed muster.

    • I shook his hand all right [fuck the Virus – it's only polite].  He hadn't a very firm grip so I assume he was tired with all those years of waiting and all…..

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