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  1. Black beret, dark glasses, camouflage snood – you could be arrested for wearing a face covering!

  2. I'm reliably informed that if you make sure that the bottom edge of your glasses is sitting outside the mask, they don't steam up.  Apparently – haven't actually tried it personally, but ….

    • No that doesn't stop the misting, not with those blue disposable masks anyway. You can prevent misting by rolling up a tissue into a strip and placing it on the inside of the mask, over the wire. The tissue absorbs the moisture in the air that escapes upward.

      • That's a lot of bother for a mask that actually does little except restrict breathing [and making speech incomprehensible].

  3. Here the official term is "face covering". So anything that obscures the face from another's view would suffice. A full face balaclava would do the job or one of those hijab jobbies or just a simple shemagh. Me I just walk in like I own the place as bare faced as I've been my entire life and the worst that has happened is a couple of stares and one wide berth. And no neither anyone I know or indeed my good self have caught The CV.


    • My Snood is for emergency use only.  The clinic I was visiting is paranoid about Rona and they have remote  temperature readers and everything.  Going  in unmasked would have caused widespread panic.  Normally I am what you might call a "Mask Naturist".

  4. GD, I think if you take a look at the guidelines, nowhere in there will you see the term 'mask'. They refer to it as 'face covering' and tell you that absolutely anything is valid as long as it covers the nose and mouth. You could use a Halloween mask if you wanted to, Leg Iron is already doing that. Someone has been walking around dressed as a medieval plague doctor, and apart from having a warning from plod that he was scaring children, he was quite within the rules. Being a biker, I've thought of the snood idea as well, perfect.

    2 methods for preventing spectacles from misting:

    1- Mix baby shampoo 50/50 with water in a spray bottle and spray the spectacles. Rinse off under the tap and either leave to dry (don't wipe them) or blow dry with a hair dryer on cold setting.

    2- Treat the lenses with Bob Heath visor spray, used by motorcyclists.



    • The Plague Doctor one certainly appeals, especially with a long black leather coat.

      As for preventing misting – it really is much easier to just not wear a mask.  Though I remember the soap trick from my cabin cruiser days where the wheelhouse was just above the galley.  It worked well then.

      • Although I agree with not wearing a mask GD, there are places where you have no choice – for me that was the workplace, although face coverings in the workplace are optional. I either wore a mask throughout the entire 12 hour shift or I didn't work there any more. I chose the latter. Another place is visiting the chemist (ours is inside the health centre) to get meds. They just won't let you in and even then they only allow one in one out, with massive queues outside in the rain or whatever. These are the worst of the worst.

        I know I can go without a mask in shops but choose to wear one whilst I'm in there – under the chin. In that way, if challenged I can say "so what, I'm wearing a mask, now sod off". However I've never encountered a mask nazi, everybody else in there is wearing one but they don't give a damn if someone isn't. I wear one because I refuse to cause hassle to people who are just trying to do as they are told by their employer under the threat of sack, or to hold on to a struggling business. Anger should instead be directed at those cretins in government, plus their SAGE monkeys.

        Regarding the misting, don't know about you, but my glasses get smudged and need a clean every couple of days on average. May as well make them mist proof at the same time.

  5. The fishing "hats" that Laurie bought us are ideal for those times that masks are needed. She wears the bug netting that drapes from her hat (no mask) on our outings about town (and gets away with it) and I wear the face covering (no netting) that snaps onto the hat which does not mist up my glasses. This is due to the course netting that covers my nose. The rest of the face covering" is cloth. The hat itself is the floppy type with a wide brim. My glasses are photo sensitive so we both look pretty goofy when we walk into a store–which is exactly what we wanted.

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