If you can keep your head — 10 Comments

  1. Would you be interested in a slightly used executioners' ax? I'll have to leave the blade dull for the mailing but I'm sure you can sharpen the thing up when it gets there. I also have the block and basket but they're a bit stained. I can bleach before shipping if you like but leaving the stains on might be more intimidating?

    You'll have to build your own platform I'm afraid. I'm sure you can find some enterprising lad to do it for you.

  2. At least you get some guidance from your Government. Here in the U.S. (a shithole country) we get nothing. Just told by the Grand Wizard it’s all going to disappear and we’re doing just fine. Those pesky 210,000 people that died…no biggie something must have been wrong with them anyway.

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