The future looks grim — 7 Comments

  1. Thank goodness for people like your Top Doctor.

    To tell the truth, as he sees it, and bugger the consequences. 

    I am sure poems have been written about such conduct.

    I hope that he gets a lot of support. Not from MSM obviously, but from people.

    • There was also the Top Doctor from Sweden who advocated the same course of action.  Naturally he too was ignored.

    • Face mask acne, huh? Seems to me it's to be expected when most folks re-use the same face mask over and over again. It's akin to wearing a flexible (used) petri dish dish over your face. I agree with Grandad…you couldn't make this stuff up.

  2. With no vaccine the TD was correct. For most people under the age of 60 with no underlying heath problems it is mostly a mild infection. Should it go into hyperimmune response mode that can be treated. Your TD was quite right to say herd immunity is the way forward. Why are so many governments of the fascist persuasion?  They are also deaf to his common sense approach too.





  3. Dr Martin Feeley and Prof. Samuel McConkey, the former the Top Doc mentioned. How or why was it that Feeley was easy to understand in that RTÉ broadcast and the other fellow with his bulging eyes, jerky body movements and persistent pushiness impossible? His tactic was to knock any interlocutor into submission with a verbal hammer, as a salesman does, especially someone selling an uncertain product. I liked Feeley's gentle reasoning but also the steel in his eyes. No wonder "the HSE actively dissociated itself from his remarks and rejected his suggestion that young people should be allowed to get the virus to develop herd immunity" – Hopefully, we will hear more from him. 

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