The Lurgy has arrived — 6 Comments

  1. The shire I live in GD was declared a "Covid hot spot" a few weeks ago by the state government after 4 people tested positive. People with "possible symptoms" lined up to get tested. The media banged on and on like the world was about to end. The net result was 7 people tested positive out of a population of around 70,000, none of whom went to hospital. Much ado about nothing.

    • "Tested positive" doesn't mean much anyway.  They could be asymptomatic or even people who had had the virus without even realising it.  If they gave figures on the number of hospitalised cases it might be more pertinant.

  2. We too have a coronavirus 'crisis' here in East Devon, with a total of 9 new cases in the past week (and a grand total of 239). 4 of the cases were in Seaton, a seaside town which I have visited once and have no desire to visit again, so that's OK. With a population in East Devon of 146,200, I'm not too worried. No deaths for ages.

    • We apparently have a couple more cases in Wicklow.  Big county.  Not worried.  If half the village population suddenly dropped dead then I would worry. 

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