Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis — 9 Comments

  1. We lost both our dogs (Miniature Schnauzers) within four days of each other at Christmas two years ago, one two days before Christmas Day and the other two days after and both had that condition (admittedly, amongst numerous others). I still remember the older of the two spraying the wall and door of the examination room after the vet withdrew the thermometer. Not nice at all, for anyone.

    I wish you and Penny the best. I still miss my two little guys terribly.

    • The loss of a dog can leave a hole that can never be really filled.  It's many years since our Sandy died and I still miss her.  Penny and I are inseperable but every dog is unique and I miss Sandy's daft sense of humour and her intelligence.  On the other hand, I don't miss her determination to break through my fences and wander off!

  2. Wow, that almost sounds like what happened to me–but not quite. Sounds like she'll get over it though by what I read in the article you linked to and what your vet says so far. What breed is Penny by the way or is she a mixture?

    Hope all turns out okay.

    •   To  Kirk – his dog is not a rottweiler  because they say "bastard  "  and only rarely"cunt".

       To Grandpa – Good luck – hope all turns out    well in your difficult circs. 

      • Hah!  Good deduction.

        The "experts" reckon she's a cross between a Lurcher and a Collie.  She has a Lurcher's head and legs all right [almost like a Greyhound] but I think the rest of her is more Newfoundland.  At least that's the excuse I use for her size!

        •  Ah that explains  it . Newfoundlanders   have  , at least in Canada  , the reputation for constant swearing. On  the other hand , our late rottie  was a Brummie…….

  3. One of our dogs had exactly that a few weeks ago. She was listless and the black poo said it all. She was in the vet hospital for a couple of days and then we picked her up. Home. After a few days and medication we got the beginnings of the dog back. Normal after a week. It was really a bit upsetting for the two days she was not about the house.We don't know what caused it. Something a bird dropped? We'll probably never know. Thank God she was insured.

    • Insurance is essential and luckily Penny is covered.  Cat had a bout of asthma and it cost me the best part of €400 [I hadn't bothered adding her/him to the policy].

      No one knows what causes HGE.  One thing I did read was that an animal has a higher chance of a repeat attack in the future so I'll be keeping a careful eye out for the symptoms from now on.

  4. Oh yes, that very special extra silent silence.
    I still have, after two years, written on my fridge above the feeding place of my late Border Collie Fleet: There's a hole in my soul in the shape of you.
    Can't bring myself to remove it …
    We've got another dog now, and a cat a few weeks back has demanded to live with us (really demanded!) and has been granted shelter (as in spite of being chipped he's not registered anywhere). So the silence in the house is less – but no dog will ever be as close to my soul as the one that's died two years ago. It feels as if we've really shared one soul, and a big chunk of mine is now missing.

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