Collateral damage — 6 Comments

    • So intensive care awaits me at every turn?  I'll take my chances and actually live.

  1. Given that Ireland Republic has declared a climate emergency, I find this incompatible with allowing pets to be kept at all.

    But I assume that declaration must have been an aberration, for who could claim that pets should not be kept to protect a planet in a state of such crisis. It must have been intended to signal virtue rather than a policy response scientifically adjusted for humans to be actual humans with inter-reactions with other life forms. In which case your point is well made Monsieur Grandpapa.

  2. Oh dear, if the smell is that strong it would aggravate allergies and lung complaints. 

  3. If Penny sensed something wrong then she won't go in. Strange though since I specifically recall a recent post of yours about the first visit to the cafe after it first reopened and she didn't have a problem then. Perhaps the staff have been disinfecting more often?

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