The Saga of the Moving Statues — 9 Comments

  1. Pandering to the eternally offended, they need to realise that history can’t be changed by covering it up. In the words of someone much cleverer than myself “ those who forget the past are condemned to repeat its mistakes “

    • It's not even history [apart from the fact they have been there for 153 years].  They are just rather graceful statues.  It never occurred to me [or, I imagine to most] that they might represent anything other than art.

  2. Worse; some "woke" ignorant Irish academics have defended their removal. Heaven help the students they may teach.

  3. Down here in OZ the BLM dole bludgers have been trying to get rid of a statue of Captain James Cook because, I don't know, he was white and English and discovered the east coast of Australia???!!! can we send some of our unwanted back to the Old country?, it's only fair!

    • We have enough unwanted of our own, thanks: feel free to send them, however, providing it's either in a very leaky vessel (no lifeboats etc. so you can get more in) or on a course which takes them very close to the Somali coast.

  4. In the USA they have defaced a monument to a black regiment civil war monument and a statue of an abolitionist. I am tempted to decry their ignorance of history, but in reality their ignorance goes well beyond history. 

  5. There's bantering going about that BLM is backed by and/or part of those antifa morons. I wouldn't be surprised one bit. They should grouped under the banner, IUM. Ignorant Uneducated Morons or perhaps the old Amalgamated Association of Morons.

    Glad the statues are being put back.

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