The Saga of the Moving Statues — 9 Comments

  1. Pandering to the eternally offended, they need to realise that history can’t be changed by covering it up. In the words of someone much cleverer than myself “ those who forget the past are condemned to repeat its mistakes “

    • It's not even history [apart from the fact they have been there for 153 years].  They are just rather graceful statues.  It never occurred to me [or, I imagine to most] that they might represent anything other than art.

  2. Down here in OZ the BLM dole bludgers have been trying to get rid of a statue of Captain James Cook because, I don't know, he was white and English and discovered the east coast of Australia???!!! can we send some of our unwanted back to the Old country?, it's only fair!

    • We have enough unwanted of our own, thanks: feel free to send them, however, providing it's either in a very leaky vessel (no lifeboats etc. so you can get more in) or on a course which takes them very close to the Somali coast.

  3. In the USA they have defaced a monument to a black regiment civil war monument and a statue of an abolitionist. I am tempted to decry their ignorance of history, but in reality their ignorance goes well beyond history. 

  4. There's bantering going about that BLM is backed by and/or part of those antifa morons. I wouldn't be surprised one bit. They should grouped under the banner, IUM. Ignorant Uneducated Morons or perhaps the old Amalgamated Association of Morons.

    Glad the statues are being put back.

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