Wearing a farce mask — 12 Comments

  1. madness never going to end. new reasons have to be thought up to keep the fear going until the vaccine is ready. crazy innit)

  2. A mask, any mask of reasonably dense material, will prevent the wearer from expelling spit or other matter from the facial orifices into the facial orifices of someone else, if nearby – there is marginal use in that, though speaking quietly or not rudely coughing into someone else's face are other ways of not contaminating fellow human beings. Wearing a mask to deflect an inward current of the disease is a bit like putting chicken wire over a window to blockade gnats. A hermetic seal, however, can be achieved with an NBC suit: – a suit well suited to buses, for going to the pub, etc., as can be seen; but, despite its absence of credibility as a fashion accessory, probably proof against "droplet nuclei" and suchlike fragmentary manifestations of the virus.

  3. Perhaps the outgoing Minister of Agriculture could advise citizens on ways to appear to be observing the law while doing what you liked.

  4. It’s just like the complete nonsense we’ll have to put up with in the UK. From July 24th. Not from the start of the Covid outbreak, not from the reopening of pubs etc and not from now. But from 10 days time. Yes that’s right, it’s so important that we wear a mask that it will become mandatory in ten days time. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

    • We should rejoice that the heroes of MFI, or whichever of the intelligence services it was, have rumbled Covid's dastardly plans to mount a surprise attack on the 24th. That's some top-notch sleuthing. Knighthoods all round!

  5. Fortunately, here in New Zealand, we are over the worst of it. We are lucky in having easily sealed borders and a very spread out population .We are now in midwinter  and I know from experience that if I wear a mask I would be unable to see where I was going as my glasses steam up no matter how well fitting the mask is. Being somewhat deaf I would also have difficulty in understanding anyone as I rely on lip reading and facial expressions to follow a conversation.Wearing  typically available masks does nothing to stop the spread of an airborne disease.

    • I wish I could say "Thanks for the link, Microdave" but that's another ten minutes of my life I won't get back.

  6. Who is going to pay for these masks? As they’re supposed to be mandatory I don’t wish to buy one they should be provided, isn’t there a certain standard, do they have a British Standard Number for quality purposes , but how many do I need ,  how often should I change it , where should I dispose of it , as technically it is medical waste and possibly infected with all sorts of nasty things. Where are all these police persons coming from to police the wearing of asks.  So many questions so many stupid laws.  

  7. It might be different in Eire, but in the UK the government merely stipulates "a face covering", not a mask, and with no mention of the covering's filtration properties.  I'm thinking of sticking a panty-liner to my face to comply.

    More seriously, most close-fitting masks trap unhealthy levels of exhaled CO2, so the wearer is re-breathing stale air.  The CO2 may reach concentrations ten times normal atmospheric levels, i.e., 4000ppm!  Health guidelines  recommend a maximum of 30 minutes exposure to levels above 1000ppm, so masks should not be worn for hours continuously.

    As this health risk is being imposed solely by Covid panic, not for genuine medical or scientific reasons, it's possible a legal action could reverse it.

    • Following the specification (lack of) by the UK Government, I plan to drape a fishnet stocking across my face. 

      The bonus is that you can also smoke at the same time.

  8. Walmart just declared that all customers will be required to wear a "facial covering" as of July 20 which our normal Walmart shopping day. Since the Wife and I have never worn the things and since Walmart stated facial covering, we have decided to wear a beekeepers outfit (head gear only). Floppy hat and all. After all, Walmart failed to state what type of facial covering.

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