Musical chairs — 7 Comments

  1. Has Herself gone up the road to Vincent's? A detonation there would be heard at your old workplace.

    • She was in Vincent's [and I'm sure the detonation was heard].  She's now in Columcille's, God help her.

  2. Glad she up and ornery. So tell me, does she have a "smart" phone on her? If so perhaps you could install an app that will let you track her location. At least that would save on phone costs since you can't talk to her anyway?

    • She doesn't even have a mobile phone at the moment.  She drowned her old one and when I put the SIM in the new one it insisted on logging onto the wrong network.  I tried numerous times to re-register with the correct service but that constantly fails.  I'm going to have to buy her a complete new phone at some point.  She doesn't like my phone with its little icons and no buttons so she will have to live in the dark ages.

      • Don't be too hard on her since me and the wife don't want anything to do with a so-called smartphone either. It's not that we couldn't easily learn how to use one, it's more a combination of 3 things.

        First, it would have to be Android not Apple and Android is about as secure as Windows without antivirus and a firewall.

        Second, you own a smartphone you can be tracked wherever you go (if "they" have a mind to).

        Third, the exorbitant costs of owning the damn thing.

        Oh, and we don't text–ever.

        Oh well, I suppose we'll be forced to get one one of these days. I'm sure the rotten gadget will eventually be required to do just about anything you'd normally do now without one–like grocery shopping?

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