Armageddon in a bottle — 5 Comments

  1. Just to show some solidarity with you , I will avoid trips to China’s well, probably for the best , can’t be too careful.  Etc etc. 

  2. Your comment about Corona beer reminds me of the big re-branding exercise which took place during the AIDS crisis by Lucozade, whereby they had to swiftly re-brand their drink as a specialist health-and-exercise energy drink, rather than, as had previously been the case, marketing it for convalescing people to help them get better.  Why?  Because of their erstwhile catchline.  Anyone remember it?  Yep:  “Lucozade aids recovery.”  I guess they got worried that some moronic member of the public would think it would be OK to sleep around all over the place without taking any sensible precautions, on the basis that they’d then just drink gallons of Lucozade and they’d get better if they picked up AIDS.  Then their family would sue Lucozade if they did get it, and then promptly died.  The trouble is, they were probably right!  I wonder if Corona beer will do the same, on the basis that the same morons might stop buying it because they think "it contains Coronavirus."  Sadly, it might be necessary – some people really are that dim!

  3. Won't the medicos feel foolish when they finally find out that this covid-19 is actually just another strain of the flu…which is also a corona virus if you didn't know. So is SARS and the common cold for that matter.

    Anything for the 'media" to create hyped up headlines.

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