Rowdy neighbours — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Grandad. Yes I will be going up the pub for a few drinks and I expect raising a glass with her indoors at 23.00. It has taken long enough.

  2. Thanks Grandad. The World looks very different from the doom and gloom we saw last year.  Let's just hope things turn out well for us – pity your lot will not be joining us, at least not for a while.

  3. You're certainly invited to the party over here, all our true friends are.

    Having been 47 years in the planning, it should be one helluva bash, albeit despite the establishment's rather petulant omission of Big Ben's bongs.   But there'll be other bongs-a-plenty being enjoyed, along with a few other intoxicants too.

    To quote both Martin Luther King Jnr and Margaret Thatcher, "Free at last", "Rejoice".

  4. Sadly there seems to be little appetite for us to follow suit.  It is somewhat ironic that we are currently celebrating the centenary of our "independence"?

    • Indeed: it seems the irony of the situation in the north in Jockland has escaped Wee Krankie: she's continuing to bitch on about Scottish independence (secession from the UK) so they are immediately free to surrender it to Brussels.


      She's an oddball, nae doot!

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