Throw on an extra blanket — 6 Comments

  1. Much of the supposed warming as measured appears to be due to an increase in night-time temperatures rather than day time ones.  It is widely known as well that the cloud albedo effect is still one of the least well understood in climate ‘science’.  Ask Paul Homewood.

  2. Do you not think it is already firmly on the cards? The sun is very quiet-VERY..  Thus very little solar wind. So great number of cosmic rays bombarding earth and causing heavy cloud formation.  This reduces heat from the sun and increases rainfall.  Probably fall as snow.  Seems like recipe for a mini ice age. About due.

    May you live in interesting times.

  3. Your comment about throwing a coat on the bed reminded me of a time when a friend/ work colleague and I travelled the country with a caravan instead of using hotels.  We took it in turns to sleep in the van or in the canvas awning.  After one fierce night in Durham -a cold joint-I woke up to find my nose had frozen to the sleeping bag. I recall the sod laughed.

  4. Didn't the last time something blocked the sun entire species of dinosaurs were wiped out.


    Are the greenies OK with wiping out 98% of the species on this planet.

  5. Yup, another idiot idea that allows congress to throw money away on useless theories. Perhaps theses geniuses ought to a study the affects of people living in Seattle WA and Pittsburgh PA who have to live the majority of any given year under cloud cover. If they did they'd probably think twice about the viability of covering the planet with clouds. (Using sulfur dioxide? Really?)

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