A late booking — 5 Comments

  1. Good luck with that.  At least we can still read your nonsense while you (and Penny) enjoy the hills.

    Have a great holiday. What about the cat?

    • Don't worry about the cat.  I'll leave out a tin of cat food and a dish of water.  He'll be grand.

  2. That's the way. Damn the torpedoes and all that. Hope it all works out although I bet Cat will be pissed that you left. Going to stash Cat in a kennel perchance or is Daughter stopping by to check up, feed, etc?

    Nosy ain't I?

    • We aren't going for a few weeks.  Make that months.  We're aiming for September when things are quieter.  As for the cat…  Anyone want a free cat?

      • Long swim for a cat and not exactly something you can leave at a neighbor's doorstep. Unless you tie the cat to the basket of course.

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