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  1. A 128K modem

    That sounds like the "High Speed" internet of the day! From my telecom experience, 56k was usually the best a standard dial-up line could manage – was yours a dedicated data link, or just very close to the exchange?

    • The exchange was actually at the corner of the campus, with a direct line into the computer room.

      The other thing I forgot to mention was that I used to have to carry around a pocket full of memory chips and a box of 3.5 inch disks [two disks for the IP stack and another one for Netscape, with three more for Windows in case something went badly wrong].  Downloads didn't exist!

  2. 128k modem? You're in the butter zone now baby! (name the movie that line came from for extra points).

    Oh gahd, IP stacks? Netscape? You bring back memories you do as I had to do the same thing including scrounging up old Ethernet cards that still worked to shove into derelict PCs I had to rebuild (the company I worked for was always on the brink of bankruptcy but they never threw anything away). Would you believe I actually found one old work station that had an 8086 chip in it?

    And Marion sounds like a really great lady.

    • Actually, in retrospect I made a small error in my scribblings.  She was actually a bit miffed at the nude photograph [she was a fierce supporter of women's rights] but was also intensely curious.  Having gotten rid of the nude she just became very interested in this newfangled invention called the "Web", hence the demand for more…

  3. Marian Finucane was always refreshing to hear. She was never afraid to ask hard questions and never deferential to anyone.

    • She had an instantly recognisable voice [she was a heavy smoker! wink].  She was always busy in the office but always had time for a quick chat.  A lovely person.

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