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  1. If you are not ready just prorogue it for a few weeks and maybe wait until the weather is better.  Hope you have a pleasant and relaxing Christmas.

      • Dear Grandad

        Prorogues? Weren't they a pop group?

        Glad you had a wonderful Christmas – plenty to complain about.

        Hope you, Herself and your family have a happy, healthy* and prosperous New Year.


        * "If I had a heart attack, it would give me a heart attack" Yogi Berra**

        ** "I never said most of the things I said." Yogi Berra


  2. I always loved the Irish use of the definite article – "the Christmas" (An Nollaig?). It made the occasion precise and focused meaning that once the moment was complete, it could be quickly put away!

    • It should be precise.  Or at the very most just the tradition of the twelve days.

      At least the Hype is almost over and the today is a whole twelve seconds longer than the shortest day.

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