In at the deep end — 9 Comments

  1. Well done! 

    It's known as a treadmill, the conveyor belt thingy. And they cost a bundle, as do rowing machines. Sounds like they're well equipped and I presume the staff are good at what they do.

    Nah you didn't "hop" onto the step, however that's an easy one to replicate in your house because you have a staircase.

    Anyway good on you. Four more to go.

    • "Four more to go"   Now you're trying to provoke me!  Five more weeks at three times a week means another fourteen.  I'm going to be fit for nothing by the end.

  2. The car parking and hunt-the-venue are a!l part of the process.

    If that rise in blood pressure and rushed search do not kill you then you are fit enough to proceed.

    And if it does kill you, well it was nothing to do with them.

    • How true. 

      Many years ago I had to take my elderly and insulin-diabetic mother to see the 'dietician' – into the room wobbled a female vat of lard on legs, accompanied by a 'trainee' who herself seemed perilously close to anorexic.   In between stifling my laughter, I could only conclude that the subliminal message was, as long as you're between those two extremes, you're doing OK.  I never took my mother there again, as the models they offered invalidated any advice they could ever give.

  3. This must be the "take it easy" part? They don't want you to exert yourself at home but they'll work the hell out of you at these sessions. I sometimes wonder how many post heart attack patients dropped dead on the treadmill?

    • The walls in the room are plastered with notices.  The biggest of all – "IN EVENT OF HEART ATTACK -Phone 8888 etc"  Not very reassuring?

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