An interesting twist on Climate Change — 10 Comments

  1. Now surely this is excellent news?

    Not for the Climate Scientists, and everybody else who is making a living from the scam. Or the Greens and idiots like Attenborough who want human activity to be drastically reduced…

  2. How many times do you have to be told?

    It's not Globular Warming.

    It is Climactic Change/Chaos/Cartrastrophy.  

    So hotter, colder, extreme unchanging, whatever, we are still very verry bad, and must do penance. (Except for the High Priests).

    So just give us your money.

  3. There once was a time when 99% of scientists agreed that the world was flat, attempts to challenge that view met with disbelief, derision and even death.   On that scale, losing your grant money seems quite modest, but it's enough of a threat for most 'scientists' to tell it as their paymasters want it to be told.

    Same goes for second-hand smoke damage and even sunscreen – as 'Deep Throat' recommended at Watergate, "Follow the money".

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