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  1. It's a lot more than annoying! Modern cars cost a fortune to repair, and I assume Grandad's Focus is new(ish). You only have to breathe on them and it cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to put right. That's not annoying that's a fucking disaster for us pensioners! I can't see that much in the photo, but something similar happened to my Mondeo last year, also while parked, and the bastard responsible also buggered off. It took out a parking sensor, damaged the rear bumper and trim. Cost of repairs: £2850.60!!!

    How's that for 'annoying'????!!!

  2. You have the registration of his van.  That is sufficient to make a claim on your insurance isn't it?  As you were obviously not at fault there should be no loss of NCB.

    • Welcome John.  I did intend to get in touch with my insurance, but frankly it slipped my mind.  I don't use the car that much and the damage is on the nearside so I don't notice it when I do get into the car.  It's sixteen years old anyway, so the damage is hardly going to devalue it below scrap value?

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