A normal day at the Manor — 5 Comments

  1. We get hedgehogs coming into the veranda at night to scoff the cat food. There are two of them and regular as clockwork they arrive at 2:00 a.m. They have lost their timidness and grunt at any of the cats should they want to object. They then pee and sh*t as a way of saying thankyou and bugger off into the night. 

  2. I get regular Hedgehog visits now, they disappeared for a couple of years but are back now. I leave them cat biscuits which they seem to like. Last year they brought the hoglets, one ate cat food  went to sleep in the dish! They are lovely, I did buy expensive hedgehog food but unfortunately the visiting fox loves it.

  3. We had another visit last night.  Penny got all excited and I peered into the darkness.  Sure enough Mr Prickles was back in the middle of the lawn.  Next thing he went off running into the bushes.  I didn't let Penny out as I don't want to scare him off altogether.

    There is no point in putting out any cat food as Cat will just eat it   He's a greedy little fucker and seems to have an endless and insatiable appetite.

  4. Keep an eye on that skip. 4mm is bugger all if it settles into soft ground. Personal experience.

  5. At least Penny had the sense to just lay by it. I once had a dog that would attempt to eat them and then come home with hedgehog quills all over his muzzle.

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