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  1. "This is for some reason a popular one. I’m not quite sure what the thinking is here but a lot of people seem to worry about having a shit after a pint?"


    The urban legend is that drinking lots of the stuff gives you diarrhoea. At least more-so than normal drinking. See also Guinness farts, which have a bit more reality about them.

  2. I've had sex with a donkey?  Which one of us hasn't at some time woken up, looked across the bed and harboured similar thoughts?

  3. Does banging the glass down get the famous stout fizz going in a less than perfectly kept and served pint?

    Guinness and Murphy's are great in Ireland, and Guinness used to be good in Scotland when rumour had it that it came from Dublin with the other regions of UK served by London.

    I studied electronics when the "hole" theory of conduction through a semiconductor was taught. The electrons don't travel evenly through the sc, but one at a time jump across a small gap, called a "hole". This the "hole" appeared to move against the flow of electrons.

    The movement of the fizz in a Guinness seemed to demonstrate this.

    The fizz appears to be going down in the glass but you know that each little bubble is slowly making its way to the top. It is the gaps between the bunches of bubbles that go down.

    Now I only drink stout in Ireland, or from a rarely found bottle of the real, unfrozen, rarely seen, stuff outside your Isle.

    In the rest of the world they seem to use chemistry to replicate the skills of a good cellarman and barman.

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