World War III — 9 Comments

  1. Were already fighting the third world war – it's called the EU.

    We're just fighting with economics instead of bombs…

  2. Well I had to look and they have three patrol vessels, two of which are capable of getting out to Rockall. The one that can't was built in Scotland. The two that can, built in Poland.

    Flip flop!

  3. The Scottish Nasty Party command little support among the fishing communities so have contrived this dispute to garner votes. 

    How anyone can claim a sea stack as sovereign territory is baffling.

    • Haven't they [whoever they are] stated that no nation can claim sovereignty over land that is not habitable?

  4. Wait till the rubber dinghies full of refugees try to land there. 

    The assorted "navies" will be fighting to be the ones who take them on board and be the goody-two-shoes to take the bearded infants to their own primary schools.

  5. "…as the Americans who were fleeing south found themselves trapped by a huge wall that some fucker had put up.."

    That made me grin. Thank you sir.

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