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  1. Might be completely harmless, like made a wrong move and strained something which a good rest put right again.

    Or she might have had a bout of spondylitis? If it happens again, I'd let the vet make an x-ray.

    How old is she?

      • Damn but that's weird.  I typed out a full reply and clicked the button but the fucking thing erased nearly everything.  Luckily I have a yoke that keeps track of what I write:

        We're not sure how old she is [she's a rescue] but we estimate around ten.  Maybe she was just depressed or something?  Spondylitis sounds a bit drastic, but from reading about it, it sounds like a degenerative thing that wouldn't just last one day.  I hope that isn't it anyway.

        She's due her shots around now so maybe I'll mention it to the vet, though she has showed no sign of a problem ever since. 

        • Spondylitis develops in bouts – when there's a bout, there's pain, otherwise not. Yes, it is degenerative – but can take a long time to develop.

          But maybe she just sprained a muscle – if she's around 10 or even more, she'll not be as nimble as she used to be (don't we all just know). Don't worry too much – only if it happens again, I'd let the vet have a look.

          My (late) dog once ran away from a minder (a very rare occasion – he spent his eleven years with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year with only two times for once one day and once two days, when I couldn't take him with me). Luckily, as he was registered, he was by means of some very friendly person (whom I never found out about) picked up within half an hour. The moment I was in my car to speed back home to search I was called that he was picked up and well. Within another half hour we were reunited – big joy and lots of relief on all sides 😉 He seemed perfectly okay. But a few hours later, he suddenly showed signs of pain – wouldn't jump on the sofa, moved gingerly, obviously something in his back. That was late at night, but next morning he still seemed in pain. Got some painkillers from the vet's, and within a day all was right with the world again. Never had anything with his back again. Though later, when for other reasons, I had an x-ray made, his back showed first signs of spondylitis. Maybe it had been that, maybe not – maybe he had, when he had run away, some kind of a little accident (he was on a major road when he was picked up! – probably on his way to our favourite walk to look for me – as if I'd ever be there without him, stupid dog!). He died of something completely different years later and never showed any signs of the spondylitis. He jumped in Agility over 60 cm until he was 11 and became 14.5 before his kidneys gave out (10 months ago). I miss him more than I can put into words.

    • You could well be right.  I wouldn't put anything past that little arsehole.

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