Overcrowding — 9 Comments

  1. 'send someone to clear some of the other junk' including, for reasons unknown, a fitted computer desk.

    Can't help to try.

    • The poor old computer desk is still in the garden awaiting the skip.  It may have passed its sell by, what with the fact that it has been out in all weathers?

    • Ah!  My mistake.  I just checked and the price is €23 [and can get an OAP reduction if I shop on Thursday!].  Taking currencies into account that isn't too bad?

  2. I have a spare wheelbarrow wheel I could send you plus the mounting brackets. Needs a tire though so I suppose it wouldn't do you any good. That plus you probably have a right hand drive wheelbarrow and mine is a left hand drive so that wouldn't work either.

    Kind of a useless comment don't you think?

    • Hah!  It's the tyre that's the problem.  The valve perished and broke off.  I could possibly get an inner tube, but the wheel itself is pretty rusty so a whole wheel is the solution.

  3. Labour? You have grandchildren , £20 between them ,or whatever the equivalent  is in urines , you will obviously be there in some kind of managerial capacity, job done.  

  4. She may be good looking, but please, with all the pain they inflict give her the correct title; Physioterrorist.

    • Good looking doesn't cover it!  She makes the pain worth while [especially as I'm not the one in pain].

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