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  1. Yup, know that scene all too well from my visits to Casualty etc. with my oldies. It's a regular joke at the hospital that as you pass in or out of the front door you bump into patients, nurses, ambulance staff and even the security staff congregating for a calming fag under the No Smoking sign. Never heard a complaint from one patient or relative about the smoking either.

    But then, it's also a running Manx joke that the main cause of ill health at our major hospital is the overpaid "expert" managers they keep recruiting from the UK. Read closely, government health stats seem to show that the nation's health gets worse every year they recruit the blighters, and improves every year they move on due to a bigger salary offer or finally get booted out after the latest cock-up.

    BTW – Best wishes for Herself's recovery.

    • You really could be talking about the scene here in Ireland.  Our system seems to pay more attention to budgets and petty regulations than it does to the health of patients.  A good portion of the health budget also seems to go on compensation to previous victims.  It is not unusual to hear of yet another case where millions have been paid out in compensation for some piece of negligence.

      Best wishes passed on! 

  2. The last time I was in the hospital I had a discussion with a nurse wherein I stated that a patient who is ambulatory should be able to pop outside and have a smoke. This nurse was rabidly anti-tobacco I came to find out. I was at the time confined to my bed and unable to move much. Nonetheless she ordered that I be moved to a locked unit so I couldn’t smoke. My doctor showed up and got it all straightened out. This nurse really pissed me off. I never saw her after our discussion. 

    • They really do love to impose their ideology on others.  It is one of the symptoms of a religion after all?  We must all be converted to their belief by any means including torture! 

    • Two more victims of the anti-smoker crusade.  It's sad but the root cause is Tobacco Control.

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