Coping with chaos — 15 Comments

  1. Well done filling the hole. Nothing like chaos upon chaos coated liberally with a bit of dust to make you appreciate a filled hole.

    (Somehow that doesn’t sound quite right?)

    • I am tempted to say that there was a large breakage of wind in the bathroom [foreground] but alas it was nothing so spectacular.

  2. Oh, its MUCH better than Brexit. The maker of the hole knows what he’s doing, and has a vision in mind, which is more than can be said for the UK parliament.

  3. Chaos Theory might suggest that the hole in your wall could cause the collapse of the Chinese government.

      • Flip, if a butterfly can bring down the Chinese government then a massive hole in a wall could cause an alien invasion

  4. Maybe it’s a metaphor for the Irish Border after Brexit – the means by which all manner of nasty things can creep across and wreak havoc amongst the bureaucrats.

    Maybe Grandad’s place straddles the border, so it’s not so much a metaphor but it’s the real back-passage of the EU after all.

    • Apart from being a long way from the border [thank God] it is initiative to open borders within the Manor. No passports needed.

  5. Errr…
    Wouldn’t one normally insert a lintel before removing the brickwork supporting whatever is above it (even if it’s just the 3 courses above the hole)?

    • There is one. You just can’t see it. Anyway, as the original builder of that wall I can assure you [and me] that the blockwork is immensely strong.

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