Coping with chaos — 15 Comments

  1. Well done filling the hole. Nothing like chaos upon chaos coated liberally with a bit of dust to make you appreciate a filled hole.

    (Somehow that doesn’t sound quite right?)

    • I am tempted to say that there was a large breakage of wind in the bathroom [foreground] but alas it was nothing so spectacular.

  2. Oh, its MUCH better than Brexit. The maker of the hole knows what he’s doing, and has a vision in mind, which is more than can be said for the UK parliament.

  3. Maybe it’s a metaphor for the Irish Border after Brexit – the means by which all manner of nasty things can creep across and wreak havoc amongst the bureaucrats.

    Maybe Grandad’s place straddles the border, so it’s not so much a metaphor but it’s the real back-passage of the EU after all.

    • Apart from being a long way from the border [thank God] it is initiative to open borders within the Manor. No passports needed.

  4. Errr…
    Wouldn’t one normally insert a lintel before removing the brickwork supporting whatever is above it (even if it’s just the 3 courses above the hole)?

    • There is one. You just can’t see it. Anyway, as the original builder of that wall I can assure you [and me] that the blockwork is immensely strong.

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