Working shift — 5 Comments

  1. Once my offspring stopped playing on them, I found that a skateboard is good for moving heavy stuff.
    They are built to take really large heavy people, the wheels turn easily – good bearings, and you can steer it by just leaning the load to the side. They are very low, near to ground and by tipping the front (or rear) down it is fairly easy to get a load on.

  2. Just a note; We call them ‘Hand Trucks” here in the States or at least I’ve never heard them called anything else. The wife has a real nice one. Heavy duty with pneumatic tires, built-in ratchet straps, and secondary drop-down wheels for carrying the load at an angle (supported by the wheels) or flat on the ground. It’s still a precarious thing when moving something the size of a side-by-side refrigerator though.

    Glad you’re almost through this though.

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