Lost and found — 12 Comments

  1. I remember when I was seven y/o I used to be sure I had left my favorite toy car, a model of the shark nosed Ferarri FI car of the early sixties in the toy cupboard. I couldn’t find it and I searched everywhere. Several days later I found it in that cupboard. Since that day I have lost stuff and spent endless hours searching for the items only to give up and find them at a later date. Nowadays I accept that they cannot have gotten far and leave it. Usually I find the missing items within 24 hours. The more you get stressed over finding the damn thing, the more unlikely the chance is that the thing will turn up as you look for it. Much better to accept it’s gone missing, have a cuppa splosh, chill out or do something different knowing it will turn up soon enough when you’re not stressing over it.

    • My problem is that the longer I look, the more frustrated I get and the stress levels rise. Even worse is the amount of time wasted looking in the same place eight or nine times [I know I left it there!]. I cannot rest until the item is found.

  2. Yup, that sounds like me all over. Almost to the exact letter but with one exception–I’ve been that way all my life. Heaven help me when my absentmindedness actually becomes worse.

    • Don’t worry – this isn’t a new phenomenon, but lately it is getting a lot worse!

  3. I have another little game for all of us: Think hard about where to put some rarely used item. Have an idea about where it’s absolutely logical to put it – and a few months later only remember that it was so absolutely logical to put it there that youthought you can’t fail to look in the right place. Only you don’t have the faintest idea any more where that absolutely logical place is.
    Don’t we all know these absentmindedly or absolutely logcically placed items that drive us insane?

    • Herself frequently puts something where she knows she’ll find it again. Then the item becomes lost as she has forgotten where the safe place is.

  4. Ha! I’m famous for “putting it where I won’t forget it”. Then spending a whole day looking for it, a month later.

  5. And when you do find it, it’s always in the last place you look: so next time something goes missing, look in the last place first.

  6. In all your searching, if you happen to come across ‘the plot’ will you tell Theresa May where it is, because she lost it ages ago.

    • Well said Mudplugger, I agree wholeheartedly. It seems we are not leaving the EU in early April, because there is no way that that bunch of idiots in Westminster are going to agree on anything before then to get the extension to May. Personally, I would have liked a second vote. The EU ain’t perfect, but it has to be better than Boris etc. and is certainly better than our absentee landlords who should be at Stormont.

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