Strike my arse — 6 Comments

    • I really do fear for the future of the planet. It’s not climate that’s the problem; it’s the manipulation of society by vested interests.

  1. saw it on the news. the whole thing has a Hitler youth vibe about it. politicizing minors end of

  2. Brainwashing young folk about the wonderful EU seemed to work, so why not Climate Change too?

  3. There’s always indoctrination is there not? When I was at school the indoctrination subject of choice was nuclear war and our imminent destruction by President Reagan and Mrs T, but the Russian leaders were all peace lovers. That subject was a load of bollocks as well.

  4. TOT. Your title reminded me of when I was very young.
    In the fillums I saw cowboys strike their matches this way to light their stogie.
    Yes, they did smoke and they did have shooty guns, and yes, us teenies were allowed to see it.
    Anyway, I spent ages, and broke many matches trying to do the same, even on my roughest shorts.
    Of course I did not know about safety matches.
    Happy days.

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