Twenty and counting — 5 Comments

  1. Must be something to live in the same place for 20 some-odd years. Until the wife and I bought our place here in Newport, VT I hadn’t lived at any particular address for more than 5 years or so. Many times only 2 or 3 years including an “address” that was constantly moving about with only fish for neighbors. Now I’ve lived at the same address for 9 years this coming May and to tell you the truth I don’t plan to move anywhere else except perhaps the cemetery at some point. Looking back those 9 years though only brings one big change in mind…

    …we painted the deck last year.

    And where will you be in 20 years? A heck of a lot older I’d say. 😉

    • It’s the longest I have stayed put in one place. The previous record was 18 years [part of my sentence in Suburbia. ‘Tis strange, but it doesn’t feel that long at all.

      20 years older is fine by me.

  2. You’re a bit of a gadfly it would seem – I’m in my 33rd year at Muddy Mansion, where even the footprint has changed radically, along with many of the interior and external features. Similar issues with trees, many of which are reaching their terminal state at around 150+ years old, likewise ourselves if we’re being honest about it, just a bit sooner.
    Where will I be in 20 years? Probably fertilising similar trees somewhere, that’s life (or the inevitable alternative).

    • Well, if you ignore my momentary lack of judgement [at getting married] I first moved in here around 52 years ago? I claim the title as the longest resident in the area simply because I can remember exactly what it was like Back Then. To say the place has changed is a massive understatement. At least I can class everyone now as Blow-ins.

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