Ireland to control the Internet? — 4 Comments

  1. It’s a bit mind boggling what these different entities “think” they can do with the Internet these days. The mucking about that the EU is currently attempting for example is bad enough but now Ireland as well? I know there’s certain members of congress over here in US land that are also hollering about the same thing. Censoring the Internet and for the same reasons–save the children. And since the Internet is the closest thing to a pure anarchy that exists on this planet, the various governments can only accomplish this censoring by putting a stranglehold on IPs, web host companies, etc, plus all the social sites and the like. If they attempt to control the website owners themselves well…it baint gonna happen.

    Kind of makes me glad I’m the age that I am. I probably won’t live long enough to deal with the fallout of all this nanny-ism. My (step) grand-kids can deal with it instead and I know they’ve been raised the right way. Not one of them is allowed to have a “smart” phone. And even better? They don’t want one.

  2. “Serious cyberbullying, including content which is seriously threatening, seriously intimidating, seriously harassing or seriously humiliating”
    I read that and my first though was “define ‘serious'”. “I know it when I see it” isn’t quite good enough, is it?

  3. There is an obvious answer to all this cyber-bullying etc; no Interweb access for the under 18’s.

    No smartphones for the under 18’s either, just dumb phones. No student accessible Internet connected computers in schools.

    Of course no-one has any idea how to enforce such a restriction. The Djinni is out of that particular bottle and last seen doing low level aerobatics.

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