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  1. My granddaughter asked if she could make smoke when she grew up! She seems unconcerned about it. My grandson sounds very like yours quiet and quite serious and, as yet, has never said anything but I remember a friends son being very concerned about his mum smoking and that she would die. I just said well I am still here, so he thought as I am old! Most people are ok. It’s wrong that kids are being worried like that. I am having to put details in again to make a comment?

    • I also gave the “I’m still alive and so is Granny” line [as I lit my pipe].  That hadn’t occurred to him!

      I must try to find out exactly what the Grandkids are being taught.  Whatever it is, I object strongly that kids are being prompted the nag their parents and grandparents which is nothing short of politicisation.  It not only undermines respect but it is causing some kids to worry needlessly.

      I don’t know why you have to re-enter details.  I know your last comment went into moderation because of a change in the details you entered.  For once, I have done nothing on this side.

  2. I might have used my original Ntlworld email when I first made a comment. I can’t remember now and used my new gmail one when I had to enter details again.  
    My granddaughter is more interested in what she might inherit so don’t think she is too bothered about me smoking! She wants my ornaments. 

  3. Of course, a similar process of fact-free brainwashing has long been undertaken with regard to the EU, ensuring that all younger generations are diverted from ever questioning its validity.
    Because no-one else gets access to that priceless channel into malleable minds, the young folk never get to question whether the EU ’emperor’s new clothes’ are really all they’re cracked up to be.   A far more damaging evil than smoking ever was and a type of successful propaganda of which Hitler would have been proud.

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