Captured! — 13 Comments

    • They very nearly missed.  That last was on the periphery of one of their photographs – hence the distortion.

      I wonder if I can screw them for breach of privacy?

    • That’s her typical expression when waiting.  Passing cats and dogs may get a raised ear but she only comes to life when someone stops to pet her [which they frequently do].

  1. Fiesta? I’ve had several. Great little cars.
    The end of my drive is on Google earth but the house is in darkness among the trees.
    Bet nobody expected that 😉

    • It’s a thing that happens to anyone who has ever been in court.  You see lot of them on the news.

  2. I thought they had to blur people’s faces out , like number plates. Privacy concerns and all that. 

  3. Congratulations, GD. You’re been officially Googled. Not only in that Google Earth thing but in Google maps as well (street view anyway). Never thought you’d get this far did you?

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